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surf theme booklet

Use Booklets to Stand Out in Print Marketing

Large companies and small businesses each want the same things; to stand out and always be a notch above their competitors. Print marketing comes into play daily, as every business has to keep a competitive edge in the marketplace. High quality booklet printing is not only one of the most effective tools used, it’s also … Read more

custom business notepad

3 Quick Examples Using Notepads to Market Your Small Business

You’ve seen them in hotels, conferences, corporate offices, and on desktops. But, did you know that notepads can be used as an economical marketing campaign for small businesses? In fact, that is what all the big corporations do. They don’t use scrap paper for notes. No, they brand their custom notepads because branded paper of … Read more

custom colored pocket folders

Pocket Folders – A Multi-Dimensional Marketing Tool

What’s in your pockets??? There’s something about looking into pockets that calls out a person’s sense of discovering something new. That initial anticipation and excitement is often quickly followed by pleasurable surprise, and sometimes even by a yearning to learn more. Marketers can harness this and create just the desired user experience that helps companies … Read more

custom door hangers

How Door Hangers Can Increase Your Bottom Line

Are you searching for ways to make your business stand out? You may have tried a variety of marketing techniques, but none have produced the results which you desire. With today’s world of impersonal communication, whether it be over the airwaves, the phone or the Internet, consumers are hardened to many common advertising mediums. Yet, … Read more

different art and designs

Fonts To Get Your Business Noticed

In a great business card design, the right font choices can’t be overstated. When you consider each of your business cards as a potential chance to make a connection with a future client or customer, it’s easy to see why the design of your business card is so important. And not just when it comes … Read more

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3 Types of Print Marketing to Help Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. employers and create millions of jobs every year! To say that small businesses are important to our society is an understatement. For more than 50 years, National Small Business Week is recognized and … Read more