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The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Sell Sheets

In an ideal world, business owners would always have enough time to give the best sales presentation to their prospects in a pleasant, relaxed environment. They could explain every detail in the right context (and maybe even provide coffee and donuts as well). In reality, about 300 million people are trying to start businesses. Around 50 … Read more

Restaurant Placemats: How They Help Your Customer Experience

More than 160 million Americans dine out weekly, and there’s no better way to capture customers’ attention than with restaurant placemats. Printed table settings allow you to earn extra money with advertising dollars for your restaurant.  Printed placements improve your restaurant by increasing your brand and bringing exposure to your business colleagues. In addition, your customers have the chance to … Read more

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Creating Brochures

53% of mobile website visitors will leave a webpage if it doesn’t load in three seconds. Relying on mobile connection alone at events is a sure strategy to lose customers.  Sometimes the wi-fi is unreliable. Other times consumers aren’t ready to commit to a purchase- or even a conversation! They just want the information to grab … Read more

How to Make Your Business Flyer Stand Out.

Top 10 Tips on How to Make Your Business Flyer Stand Out Did you know that the average small business spends about one percent of its revenues on advertising and marketing efforts? For example, if their annual revenue is $500,000, then they would spend $5,000 on advertising. If you are a small business owner who’s searching for … Read more

How to Design the Perfect Promotional Event Flyers

Presenting your brand consistency across all platforms could improve revenue by 23%. Without distinct, eye-catching brand materials, consumers might not realize your business exists. Instead, consider adding promotional event flyers to your print marketing strategy. Not sure how to create the perfect event flyer design to advertise your next event? Here are seven tips that … Read more

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5 Essential Steps to Design Great Marketing Postcards

Postcard design is no easy task. The design itself is the lifeline of your postcard and it can either make-or-break the deal. A well designed custom postcard will directly address and convert individual prospects or customers—all within the convenience of mass marketing. Below are 5 essential steps to designing great custom postcards #1: Grab attention, … Read more

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4 Killer Tips For Highly Successful Poster Printing

Have you ever walked into a storefront or service business with nothing on the walls but a clock? Instead, compare that to being greeted by a visual treat that immediately grabs your attention, then tells you about the business, and the services offered. One conveys effort and professionalism while the other does not. Custom poster … Read more