Notice: Due to material and labor shortages, please allow an additional 2-4 business days for your orders.

Preparing Files for Upload

File Upload Guidelines

Recommended Image Requirements to ensure you receive the best print quality:

  1. Files uploaded must be one of the following file types: ai, doc, docx, eps, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, psd, pub, tif, tiff and zip
  2. Each image file fits the exact dimensions of the page for the selected product.
  3. Recommended 300 dpi.
  4. Do not include crop marks.
  5. Include an 1/8” (0.125″) bleed.

Please note that uploading your image file releases this store from all liability for content or errors within that image file. You are responsible to ensure that your image file is to your liking prior to upload, that the content is free of spelling errors, and that the image file fits the exact dimensions of the selected product. We can not make additions or changes to your image files.

attention icon ATTENTION

Please be sure to configure the following file types as directed below before uploading:

adobe illustrator

Adobe® Illustrator (.ai)

Adobe® Illustrator files MUST have all type converted to outlines. To change your type to outlines, first select the type then go under the Type menu and select Create Outlines.

adobe photoshop icon

Adobe® Photoshop (.psd)

Adobe® Photoshop files MUST have all type rasterized. To rasterize the type, choose the layer your text is on, go under the Layer menu and select Rasterize > Type.

Microsoft® Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft® Publisher (.pub)

When submitting a Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Publisher file a Customer Service Representative might have to contact you for font files.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about preparing your files.

Printing Preview Guides

To assist you in ensuring that your document will print correct, we have built guides into our uploading preview so that you can see cut lines and make sure your document includes sufficient bleed.

Bleed Line – Will only be visible in PDF Preview

Cut Line – This is where your document will be trimmed

Safe Line – For print quality, make sure text does not extend beyond this line