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Funny Wedding Invitations: A Guide to Tickling the Funny Bone

Weddings are a magical blend of love, commitment, and, often, a sprinkle of humor. Funny wedding invitations serve as your opening act, setting a light-hearted tone for your big day. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the nuances of creating invitations that are visually appealing and humorously engaging. So, let’s get started on crafting … Read more

cool business card

Cool Business Cards: Stand Out in a Stack

Introduction First impressions stick. One way to make a lasting mark is through cool business cards. Forget the usual dull cards. We’re talking about cards that make people look twice and remember you. Why Cool Business Cards Matter You might think, “Who needs business cards these days?” But don’t be too quick to dismiss them. … Read more

Every Business Needs a Fresh Menu

Whether service industry, hospitality, health services, or restaurant, a menu gives the customer a moment of reflection to decide on what they want and how they want it. It is the perfect place to put your prime sellers and the products or services you’re most proud of offering. If a business card is a company’s … Read more

Take Advantage of Christmas in July

Did you know that many people around the world celebrate a commercialized version of Christmas on July 25? The phrase “Christmas in July” originated in a 1940’s film by the same name where a man spent the summer buying gifts for his family. The celebration of Christmas during the off-season officially kicked off when American greeting … Read more

Using Notepads as Lasting and Effective Swag

American businesses spend $20 billion each year on promotional products. In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the value of tangible items for promoting your brand. There’s one classic piece of stationery that has stood the test of time: the trusty notepad. With the rise in popularity of company swag, more and more businesses are turning … Read more

Mail Seasonal Product Catalogues to Your Product Enthusiasts

Catalogs are making a steady comeback with response rates from customers increasing by 170% between 2004 to 2018. Despite the boom in social media and online marketing, old-fashioned catalogs are still desired by customers. That’s because product catalogs have many advantages over online advertising and online sites. It may feel like all eyes are on the internet … Read more

How Table Talkers are the Perfect Accompaniment to your Event Tables

Are you planning an event and looking for ways to enhance your guests’ experience at the table? Table talkers may be just what you need. These small yet impactful print marketing materials can provide various benefits in addition to serving as simple information holders. For example, they can convey event-specific information to elevate the overall … Read more