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Basic Sleeve CD/DVD

CD/DVD Basic Sleeves

Simple and affordable, our CD/DVD sleeves are great for packaging music projects, handing out at trade shows, self-promotion, or even used as party favors. Design your own, or let our rock star graphic designers jam out on a custom design.

Fold Case CD/DVD

CD/DVD Deluxe Fold-Over

The CD/DVD Deluxe fold over case is a folding case that protects your CD or DVD. You can decorate this case with your own design, or use the services of our professional graphic designers to make your wildest dreams come true.

Jewel Case Inserts CD/DVD

CD/DVD Jewel Case Inserts

The CD/DVD insert rests behind plastic clips that keep multi-page panels or booklets from shifting and sits opposite the disc tray. Inserts serve as tables of content, chapters, playlists, and more.

Deluxe Tab Sleeve CD/DVD

CD/DVD Deluxe Tab Sleeves

The Deluxe Tab CD/DVD sleeve has a locking tab that will assure the CD/DVD will not fall out of the sleeve. Custom printing is available on all visible sides.

Blu Ray Case Cover

Blu-Ray® Cover Printing

Blu-Ray® case covers decorate the outer section of the case. The outer cover is sandwiched between the case itself and a clear vinyl entrapment that keeps it in place.

Case Cover CD/DVD

DVD Cover Printing

DVD case covers decorate the outer section of the case. The outer cover is sandwiched between the case itself and a clear vinyl entrapment that keeps it in place.

Tray Cards CD/DVD

CD/DVD Tray Cards

The tray card is an insert that goes under the tray in a CD/DVD jewel case and wraps around both edges. The tray card, which is only a single piece of paper, decorates the inside of your CD/DVD and contains the tracklist, or information you want to convey on the back.

CD Jewel Case Calendar

A yearly desktop calendar with portable flip cd jewel case base. Create a commemorative and memorable company giveaway or product. Showcase your own artwork in header area and on the back. Free date templates to start!

DVD/CD Printing

If you are looking for custom CD printing or DVD printing, PGprint can help. Our company delivers DVD and CD cover printing in:

  • A wide variety of paper choices
  • High quality printing at great prices
  • Die cutting with CD/DVD basic sleeve die
  • Premium 14 point cover stock
  • Deluxe fold-over sleeve printing
  • CD jewel case inserts
  • CD tray cards
  • Custom blu-ray cases
  • Custom DVD case printing

PGprint is the source for all CD printing, CD cover printing and DVD printing. We offer deluxe fold-over CD sleeve printing and deluxe fold-over DVD sleeve printing. We also provide a locking tab to prevent your CD/DVD from falling out of the sleeve. PGprint can be counted on to promote your audio or visual content with its in-depth printed description insert. These customized CD/DVD printing inserts are available in different sizes and various paper choices. They feature full-color, full-bleed with DVD or CD cover printing available on all visible sides. Customers can also ask the CD/DVD printing experts at PGprint for CD/DVD tray card printing services.

The choices we offer for custom blu-ray cases and printing services are endless. You will be able to select from PGprint’s numerous templates, or you can opt to design your own custom template. Our DVD and CD cover printing inserts are guaranteed to make your project attract attention and stand out from any competitors. Whether you are looking to promote a custom video workout, a music video or educational material for the classroom, we can accommodate you at a fair price and handle your requests promptly.
For more information about PGprint’s CD printing, DVD printing or DVD/CD cover printing, call us at 888.288.7518, use our chat service, or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our printing services.

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