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How Table Talkers are the Perfect Accompaniment to your Event Tables

Are you planning an event and looking for ways to enhance your guests’ experience at the table? Table talkers may be just what you need. These small yet impactful print marketing materials can provide various benefits in addition to serving as simple information holders. For example, they can convey event-specific information to elevate the overall … Read more

How Buck Slips Encourage Repeat Business

Did you know that repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers? Simply put, it pays to invest in getting repeat business. If you’re a business looking for an effective way to increase repeat customers, buck slips are worth considering. Buck slips are small, printed paper receipts or mini flyers encouraging customers to subscribe … Read more

What’s a Swag Kit and Why Does Your Business Need One?

The promotional product industry has grown to be worth more than $20 billion at this point. And it doesn’t appear as though it’s going to stop growing anytime soon. Millions of companies order promotional products every year and pass them out to their customers, clients, and employees. If your business isn’t putting company swag ideas to good … Read more

buckslips $150 reward

What is a Buck Slip?

THE BUCK STOPS HERE What the heck is a buck slip? This was my first question when a client asked me to design one. Well, after researching and having a few designs under my belt, I feel like I can give a pretty decent rundown on the benefits of how they work, and how businesses … Read more

custom barbecue table tents

Table Tents: Tiny Billboards That Pack a Big Punch

In today’s climate, businesses need to think of new ways to promote themselves, feature products, and communicate messages, all while staying within their budget. You must find the perfect materials that will fit your budget and give you the market exposure you desire. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck marketing tool, … Read more

custom vinyl banner we are open sign

Are Vinyl Banners Effective for Business?

With the tough economic climate today, you need to drive business. It is tempting to reduce your advertising efforts to save money to help protect your profit margin or keep expenses down. Struggling sales may have also made your advertising budget even smaller, meaning you need an affordable solution. The good news is vinyl banner … Read more

custom video brochures

How to Leverage Print Marketing in the Age of Social Distancing

Meeting in-person is usually one of the most effective ways to convey your message and make an impact. With travel, meetings, events, and social gatherings having been canceled across the U.S., social distancing has certainly taken a toll on sales for many businesses. However, there are alternative tactics to meeting in-person that still make a … Read more

keep calm and read on custom bookmarks

5 Different Use Cases To Utilize Custom Bookmarks Effectively

Everyone loves well designed personalized custom bookmarks. Since bookmarks are larger than business cards and smaller than brochures, they are the perfect size to bring attention to your company. Give your prospects a reason to keep them by adding colorful designs and helpful tips. Bookmarks are an excellent way to keep your company name and … Read more

custom business notepad

3 Quick Examples Using Notepads to Market Your Small Business

You’ve seen them in hotels, conferences, corporate offices, and on desktops. But, did you know that notepads can be used as an economical marketing campaign for small businesses? In fact, that is what all the big corporations do. They don’t use scrap paper for notes. No, they brand their custom notepads because branded paper of … Read more

custom colored pocket folders

Pocket Folders – A Multi-Dimensional Marketing Tool

What’s in your pockets??? There’s something about looking into pockets that calls out a person’s sense of discovering something new. That initial anticipation and excitement is often quickly followed by pleasurable surprise, and sometimes even by a yearning to learn more. Marketers can harness this and create just the desired user experience that helps companies … Read more