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cool business card

Cool Business Cards: Stand Out in a Stack

Introduction First impressions stick. One way to make a lasting mark is through cool business cards. Forget the usual dull cards. We’re talking about cards that make people look twice and remember you. Why Cool Business Cards Matter You might think, “Who needs business cards these days?” But don’t be too quick to dismiss them. … Read more

How to Promote Your Business With Rip Hangers

In 2020, London’s first sleep-centric hotel opened, focusing on providing customers with a high-quality sleeping experience. But everyone knows that sleeping in a hotel is tricky as there’s constant movement on other floors.  One way to ensure you have a good night’s sleep in a hotel is to use rip hangers that tell cleaners and other … Read more

How to Get the Most Out of Your Catalog Printing Service

When an experiment was conducted about the effectiveness of catalogs, the outcome found was a ROI of 600 percent when having a physical catalog. Potential customers may forget about online advertisements that pop up on their screens, or they might dispose of other marketing handouts. Catalogs tend to stick around. Customers might browse through a catalog … Read more