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How Video Brochures Can Increase Business Sales

Did you know that the first video was invented as early as 1895? Ever since then, video technology has taken leaps and bounds and is better than it ever has been before. Today, you can find videos just about everywhere from the TV, the computer, your phone, and so on. 

Video brochures are another place in which you can find videos. A lot of people don’t know about video brochures, how they work, or what they do. The main thing they can do is increase sales for your business, but how?

Keep reading and learn more about how these unique brochures can boost your business sales like never before. 

People Are More Likely To Keep Video Brochures

The first thing you should know about video brochures is that they are not all that different from regular brochures. Regular brochures, of course, usually consist of a few pages of text and pictures to advertise some kind of product, service, or attraction. The big problem with regular brochures, however, is that they are static pieces of marketing. While regular brochures still create an impact, video brochures can create highly interesting content that resonates with clients and customers in a new way. 

The thing about video brochures is that they are seen as special compared to paper brochures. This is because the video variant is, at the moment, not very common. Most people have never even had the chance to see a video brochure before.

A video brochure is very similar to a regular paper one but the obvious difference, of course, is that there is a video inside. How to make video brochures isn’t at all complicated as long as you have the right company to do the crafting for you. A video brochure looks more like a small book or a thick greeting card than an ordinary paper brochure. 

Once you flip it open, you will find a small video player inside. This video can be about anything you want, and the rest of the brochure can be designed accordingly. Of course, if you want to increase business sales, you should make sure the rest of the item correlates with the video. 

The Details

Because video brochures are not very common and because they are far more interesting to look at compared to regular paper ones, people are much more likely to keep them for an extended period of time. When people like something or find something intriguing, they tend to pass it around or hold to show others. This is because people will find this type of brochure to be more special than a paper one and they may like whatever the video has to say.

Usually, videos have more immediate and direct connections to people compared to ordinary text and pictures. While pictures can be helpful, they can only go so far, especially in comparison to videos. But why is it important for a person to keep your business brochure anyway?

The reason is that if a person keeps your brochure, they can look back on it anytime they want. This will make sure that your brand is stuck inside their head. Besides that, if they are interested in whatever your brand has to offer, they might make a call, search for your website online, or visit your business. 

All of these outcomes, of course, are ideal. But of course, this is not the only benefit that video brochures have to offer. 

Involve All the Senses With a Video Brochure

Professional marketers have discovered that involving all the human senses (or almost all of them) can be very influential when it comes to people making decisions about a business. The fewer senses that something involves, the less interesting and stimulating that thing will be. Of course, the less stimulating something is, the less desirable it will be to people because it will be seen as relatively boring. 

That’s why marketing with video brochures is so important. As mentioned before, a regular brochure only consists of text and maybe a few pictures. This item would really only cater to the sense of sight and touch. 

A catchy song can be stuck in your head, or a marketing jingle be memorized even when the customer is not aware they are doing so. This is the power of video and sound. With the ability to load multiple videos per brochure, clients can tailor a general message to begin playing when the brochure is open. Then later on, the person holding the brochure can have the option of learning more by playing the second video. 

When you use a video brochure for marketing, you can incorporate more senses because such an item will allow a person to use their sense of touch, sight, and hearing. The addition of one additional sense may not sound very important, but it certainly can be, especially in today’s modern world. 

If you think about it, people’s senses are bombarded almost every second of every day. They are often on their phones or watching TV where they watch and listen to exciting videos all day. When they turn their attention to anything that is less than exciting such as a picture or a wall of text, they will not be very interested. 

What You Need to Know

For that reason, if you are not using videos in your marketing strategy, you’ll be missing out. When you use video brochures, you can make sure that your marketing is up to par with all the other types of marketing out there. A video brochure will stimulate a person’s mind much more than just words and pictures. 

Send holiday greeting cards, announce company-wide events and policy changes or customize your video brochure to go along with a broader marketing campaign. All of this is more likely to capture the attention of a potential customer. Not only that, but a video brochure is also more likely to stay in the head of whoever watches it. 

This is because these videos are designed to be as short and interesting as possible while providing information about whatever you are trying to market. In a way, a video brochure is much like a small advertisement you might find at the beginning of a YouTube video or a commercial you might find on TV. Such a video, of course, needs to catch a person’s attention and get them interested in whatever is being offered. 

This is very important for improving sales for your business because if the video isn’t interesting and doesn’t drag a person in, you certainly aren’t going to end up with a big influx of customers. But if your video is short and sweet, you will likely end up with a big increase in sales. 

You can do all this for a relatively cheap price. This is because video brochures are much cheaper than full advertisements that show on TV. So, you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg just in the hope of attracting some customers with your videos.

Influence a Customer’s Buying Decision

Customers come to buying decisions in many different ways. There are also many different things that can influence a customer’s decision to buy something or not buy something. For example, the obvious driver to buy something is that the person needs that thing such as food, toothpaste, and so on. 

But there are then items and services that the customer might not need to survive but might benefit from. This is where the challenge of marketing comes in. For example, suppose that you have a business that sells lipstick. 

No one needs lipstick to survive since it is only a luxury product. Even so, many people gravitate toward this product. The problem is that there are many other brands that sell the same product as you. 

So, how can you make sure that your product stands out among the competition? More than that, how can you market your product as the better choice and make people more likely to buy from your brand than from others? Again, it all comes down to the right kind of marketing. 

If your marketing is bland and not very interesting, you certainly aren’t going to get an edge over the competition. Instead, your potential customers will decide to buy from your competitors because they are more upbeat and interesting due to their better marketing plans. 

Boosting Your Business

But if you incorporate video brochures into your marketing strategy, you can take a big jump ahead of your competition. This is because many companies don’t realize how beneficial these brochures can be. Because this kind of brochure is not used very often, when a customer sees it for the first time, they will immediately be interested. 

Once they watch the video inside the brochure, they will become even more interested in what your brand has to offer. Of course, not everyone who sees the brochure will become an immediate new customer. However, a video brochure is a great way to steer the buying decisions of your potential customers. 

It can show people that your brand has something unique, and it will keep the attention of your customers long enough to show them what your brand has to sell or provide. If the video is interesting enough and if the product being marketed caters to the person’s wants or needs, that person may very well become a new customer. 

And of course, if the person tries what you have to sell and really likes it, they may even become a repeat customer in the future which can dramatically help your sales

Improved Customer Memory

Customer recollection and memory are extremely important for your brand for a variety of reasons. This is because they have to do with brand awareness. Brand awareness, of course, is when people know that your brand exists. 

This is important because as long as a person knows that your brand exists, they have the chance to look it up online and see what your brand has to offer. However, if a person forgets that your brand exists or forgets about the name of your brand, that person will obviously no longer have the opportunity to look up your business and see if it has anything that they might like. 

This is why video brochures are so important. People are more likely to remember video brochures in comparison to regular brochures. This is because people are naturally more likely to remember videos rather than pictures or text. 

What to Know

This is due to the nature of videos which are more interesting and captivating than pictures alone. Even if the video is very short, it will have a better chance of sticking in the memories of your potential customers. If this happens, then those customers can think back on that video anytime they want even if they no longer possess the brochure. 

If that’s the case, then the customer will still have plenty of awareness of your brand. At some point in the future, the customer may think back to the video and decide that they do need whatever that video was marketing, and at that point, you would land a new customer. 

All About Video Brochures

There are many types of marketing out there, but video brochures are completely unique and quite beneficial. This is because they are not often seen and are therefore viewed as more special and worthy of keeping around. People are also more likely to be interested in videos compared to pictures or text. 

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