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Pocket Folders – A Multi-Dimensional Marketing Tool

What’s in your pockets???

There’s something about looking into pockets that calls out a person’s sense of discovering something new. That initial anticipation and excitement is often quickly followed by pleasurable surprise, and sometimes even by a yearning to learn more. Marketers can harness this and create just the desired user experience that helps companies draw in new customers and generate fresh new business. Custom pocket folders or custom presentation folders are the perfect tools to help your company accomplish this.

Know the needs of your target audiences

Discovery can be a strong motivational factor. It’s also one you can leverage by integrating into your marketing message to create an irresistible lure to pull in your target audiences. The primary concern of any marketer would be to find out what questions and unmet needs target audiences may have.

Imagine if your target audiences can discover the answers to their questions or discover what it is they need by simply opening your custom pocket folder and finding a well-designed flyer, brochure, sticker or something else inside. There is a subtle difference in the experience of discovery from that of having the facts listed down and pointed out to them. But this subtle distinction may make a world of difference that determines whether or not you make the sale.

Pocket folders are versatile

Another benefit that people tend to take for granted is the surface area. While standard printed pages offer finite space within which you can communicate to the reader, pocket folders provide several extra dimensions that you can use to “fold” and “unfold” your marketing messages. This lets you present as much information as you think is necessary to communicate with your target audiences. You’re no longer confined to whatever space is available for printing; you can stuff more copies or items into the pocket to provide more details about your company and the solutions you offer your prospects and customers.

Pocket folders also let you mix and match the content. Letting you customize the information according to the needs of specific audiences. So you can change your content on the fly without having to incur the cost and lead time of printing out a new set of marketing materials.

Besides content, custom pocket folders also let you customize the physical materials themselves. Allowing you to manipulate the end-user experience on the physical or sensory level as well. You can insert virtually anything into a pocket, for as long as it fits, of course. Beyond product profiles, spec sheets, statistics testimonials, and other such information, you can also include video CDs, product samples and even free gifts. These are great opportunities for you to create a memorable presentation and improve audience recall.

In conclusion

Pocket folders provide unique benefits peculiar to its format in addition to typical advantages offered by printed marketing materials.

To recap the main points:

  1. Pocket folders offer a sense of discovery to your user as they pull items out
  2. They offer versatility allowing you to tailor to different audiences without reprinting
  3. They offer more surface area to lay out your marketing message

So, to take your marketing efforts to a whole new level, consider custom pocket folders from PGprint.

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