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Use Thank You Cards to Build Employee Morale

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I know you may be thinking Thank You cards are kind of outdated in today’s business world. I mean, when was the last time that you actually saw one given out at work? Maybe after the odd wrap of a big project or so, but these cards are mostly used for your home life with family, friends or after receiving a gift.

As a manager or supervisor, you might want to reconsider using custom Thank You cards in your workplace for the very reason that people just won’t expect it. They won’t be expecting it because we live in an electronic world flooded with emails and social media banter. So, going out of your way to actually sit down and send somebody a complimentary message using a handwritten card will not only set you apart from other managers and other companies, it will actually bypass the noisy digital media that your staff is faced with day in and day out.

People don’t remember emails anymore. Once read, they’re generally trashed because that’s the way email works, and that’s simply the way people have to manage digital clutter. But if you walk by people’s offices, check their cork boards or to-do lists, even on their fridges at home, you’re bound to find a greeting card there of some sort. It’s been psychologically proven that employees become significantly more motivated when they’re working on projects they love, and for people that respect them and inspire them. Think about how far a simple Thank You card would go in making one of your employees feel more important. You could actually start this as one of regular practices because being known for handing out such cards – even with the shortest of notes inside, will go a long way to you being a more respected and admired manager as well.

Here is even better news. It is easy to create custom Thank You cards. If you use an online printing service, you can choose from a wide variety of paper choices and sizes, and then choose from standard graphics, photos or logos and images that you upload from your desktop. With slightly more effort than sending an email, you can create an impactful message that your recipient can touch and feel.

Your staff will really appreciate the extra time and effort you spent on doing this very simple, but effective gesture. So effective are Thank You cards in the office, that we have found a lot of people will actually take them home and show their spouses. Talk about goodwill for small change.

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