Business Cards Working For You? There’s a Thought!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Everyone has a business card these days, but do you know how to make your card work for you? You spent time and money creating the perfect business card that represents you and the business you are promoting. The cards have been printed, but those new business cards sit in drawers, on dressers and in car consoles, collecting dust and waiting for direction from you! Why not make those business cards work for you! Read on for a few simple ideas.

  • Have cards with you at all times. In your wallet, purse, backpack, briefcase …do people still carry those? Make the cards accessible-easily reached when needed. Hand them out to people you meet throughout the day.
  • Going to lunch? Fish bowl at the counter for the weekly drawing? Drop your card in. Leave your card on the counter or table. Believe it or not, people are curious and pick those cards up and read them!
  • Sending out a package, letter or other correspondence? Add a business card.
  • Have a business you want to promote? Add a discount code to the back of your card for your business. Everyone loves a deal these days and what says “Deal” better than a discount code for your product?
  • Many groups with newsletters, Church bulletins and small papers will run your business card in their classified section for a small fee. This is easy revenue for them and great exposure for you.
  • Conference, meet and greet, craft fairs or even a play group? Everyone loves to talk and sell, you give me your number and I’ll give you my mine. Have your card ready. Make certain it has phone numbers, email and social media contact information.
  • Build a network with other businesses in your area. Trusted business will refer you if you refer them. Take their cards and leave yours. Eventually you’ve created a community of businesses scratching each other’s back with referrals for your business!
  • Community bulletin board? Leave a few cards. People check those boards out when they need help such as lawn care, babysitting and computer repairs, just to name a few.

These are just a few ways to make your business card work for you!

Online Printing Services: A Design and Printability Guide

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

While online printing services have greatly simplified the process of producing marketing materials, companies still need to take note of important elements to ensure the printability of their design. Ensuring printability allows them to have their materials produced at the soonest time possible, and make the most out of the printing services.

There are three elements that directly affect the printability of a design:

Typography.  Proper typography not just ensures readability, but also plays a part in capturing the attention of readers. Readability results from the dynamic interaction of typefaces, size, text alignment, tracking, and other text properties. It’s also always a good idea to keep things simple by avoiding clutter in order to best convey your message.

Color scheme.   One of the basic rules of color selection for printed materials is to choose the company colors to provide familiarity to their readers. Another option is to choose colors according to the mood you wish to convey. For example, red is an excellent choice for expressing passion and energy. Regardless of color scheme you have chosen, it is important that colors will blend well together and not strain the eyes once printed.

Layout.   The layout will depend on your intended final output. What can be laid out in a flyer may turn out differently when printed on a poster. This is why it’s always best to have a specific layout for each type of printed material. Companies working with online printing services also need to include specifications regarding trim marks, trimmed page size, bleed, and margins to make sure the print comes out as they intended.

Some printers offer the services of professional designers to make sure all the bases are covered. Enlisting a printing company that also offers design services can help companies accurately and quickly bring their visions to life.

A Checklist for Effective Online Booklet Printing

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

The Internet has made printing marketing materials such as booklets a lot easier. While online booklet printing transactions can be completed quickly, you need pay close attention to certain elements in order to get satisfying results:

Paper choices. Paper stock is an important element in booklet creation since this provides both a visual and tactile experience to the reader. Coated stock and uncoated stock are two general categories of paper stock, which can be further broken down into other categories. Coated paper stock is available in gloss, matte, dull, silk, and satin finishes. On the other hand, uncoated stock is available in felt, linen, laid, and vellum finishes.

An online booklet printing service provider should offer a wide range of paper stock to suit your specific needs. For instance, if you want to emphasize the images in your booklet, coated stock paper with a gloss finish would be an excellent choice.

Sizes. While you can print booklets in practically any size you want, marketers typically use two main sizes: 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 8.5″ x 11″. The size you choose will depend on the purpose of your booklet and where you plan to distribute it. The smaller size is ideal for booklets meant to feature only text or to be stacked somewhere for people to pick up. On the other hand, the bigger size is a better option if you plan to include photos or distribute the booklets in stores. Your printer should be able to provide templates in the size that meets your needs.

Binding options. Saddle stitch and coil bind are two common binding options that online booklet printing services offer. Saddle stitching is a binding style that works best for booklets with few pages. Coil binding allows for 360 degree rotation, and is better suited for thicker booklets. Check if your service provider has the option that best suits your project.

With the right combination of printing elements, you can create effective marketing materials.

Why YOU Need Professional Online Poster Printing Services

Friday, January 13th, 2012

It’s pretty clear why a business, either service or sales, would be able to take advantage of good poster printing services. Marketing and advertising is a vital part of a small or large business, and great posters can play a role in getting the word out about a business. But there are other organizations and people out there who need to consider how posters printed by an online service could be useful. So even if you’re not running a business, you do need posters, and good ones.

Essentially any organization or individual that sponsors or holds an event that the public needs to know about should be in the market for poster printing services. For example, maybe you manage the small parks and recreation department at the local government level. During the active times of the year, you can use posters to advertise upcoming public events, and for the more inactive times (weather may be an issue, or it may not) you can use posters to make sure your planned future events and offerings stay in the public eye.

Modern churches are often large organizations that hold public events that need to be advertised. But even small churches can find uses for professional poster printing services. Vacation bible school is offered by many small churches for out of school kids, and colorful, professional looking posters can increase the attendance at these summer sessions. Larger churches have seasonal events such as concerts and plays that need publicity, and a poster is one part of a successful PR campaign.

Other non-profit groups such as food banks and community service organizations are always holding fund-raising events that have to be publicized. By using professional poster printing services that operate online, these groups can get high-quality posters done for a lot less than at the local print shop, and save that money to put in the fundraising pot.

Another potential user of poster printing services is the individual or group that performs in public. Community theater troupes that present plays are an obvious example – their posters need to be put up in the window of every store in town for them to get the best attendance. Musicians and other performers who need to advertise their appearance at an event could use posters as part of their campaign as well.

Any of these users of posters have one thing in common: they need to have well-designed, beautiful full-color posters that any downtown merchant would actually want to display. The reputation of your organization often can be affected negatively by a poorly designed, hand-made poster, even if you do persuade someone to hang it in their storefront window or pin it to their public events wall display. By getting the best poster for your event that you possibly can, you ensure that your relationship with the community stays good, because you are looking good in public.

You’ll get the best poster possible by taking advantage of professional online poster printing services. Their experienced printers will take your design to fruition and produce a high-quality product. If you need help in the design or assistance uploading your photos or graphics, they have seasoned customer service people who can guide you through the process. They can also help you choose the size of your poster, the paper quality, and the number of posters you need, and you will be able to see a virtual proof of the poster you’ll eventually get. When you realize how much a great poster can do for you and your organization, you’ll also realize that you need to get it done by experienced poster printing services.

The Design And Use Of Promotional Posters

Friday, January 13th, 2012

A large format poster is one the simplest and most effective ways for you to promote your business. It is an excellent way to make use of unused wall space and turn it into a very effective advertising medium for a low cost.

One of the reasons that posters are a very effective marketing tool is that they are an excellent way to quickly deliver a lot of key information to a customer. A well designed poster can deliver your message to your customer in just a few seconds. If you have a new service or special offer that you would like to tell your customers about, a poster is one of the most high impact methods of doing so.

Another reason that the poster is very useful as a marketing tool is that it is highly targeted to the area around your business. Many people visit businesses because they are convenient. The people who frequent the local area surrounding your shop are very likely to use your business if they need your services because of simple convenience. A well designed promotional poster increases the likelihood of this effect by letting this local community, who are all potential customers, know exactly what you can offer them and at what price.

When you are designing a poster, be sure to first decide exactly what you want the customer to learn from it within 3 seconds of looking at it. As we walk around our eyes scan the local area and our brain picks out the information which is of interest to us. A person may only look at your poster for a few seconds so make sure that you include the vital information and that it is high impact.

It is also a good idea to include any information which the customer may need in order to do business with you. This could be information such as directions to your store or a phone number. This secondary information will allow the customers who are interested in the primary message to look at the poster more carefully and contact you.

When your design is complete you can have the posters printed online to lower costs. Online poster printing is very convenient, offers great quality and is excellent value.

When running a business today, it is very easy to put too much focus on new methods of marketing which are available to us such as social networking sites and other online media. These are excellent tools and it is right to make full use of them but you should also take care not to neglect the other more traditional side of marketing. By mixing the modern ways of marketing with the long standing and time tested methods you will have a more complete marketing strategy and a great recipe for success.

Promotional posters have been used by businesses for hundreds of years because they do work. These sorts of low cost, high impact marketing techniques can vastly improve the chances of success of a business.