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custom brunch invitations

Why Custom Invitations Are Great

If you’re planning an event, designing and printing custom invitations is a good way to wow potential guests. It makes the event even more special. Custom invitations have many benefits. There aren’t really any creative limitations. If you can picture it, odds are you can design and print it. The biggest benefit of having custom … Read more

surf theme booklet

Use Booklets to Stand Out in Print Marketing

Large companies and small businesses each want the same things; to stand out and always be a notch above their competitors. Print marketing comes into play daily, as every business has to keep a competitive edge in the marketplace. High quality booklet printing is not only one of the most effective tools used, it’s also … Read more

buckslips $150 reward

What is a Buck Slip?

THE BUCK STOPS HERE What the heck is a buck slip? This was my first question when a client asked me to design one. Well, after researching and having a few designs under my belt, I feel like I can give a pretty decent rundown on the benefits of how they work, and how businesses … Read more

tri fold brochures snow jam images

The Importance of Brochure Printing

Brochures are a form of printed document that reflects a business in front of its customers or prospects. Brochure printing can be done in full color on the front as well as the back. The most popular brochures are tri-fold brochures because of their compact size with enough space for detailed information. Full colored, custom … Read more

roll fold brochure

Roll Folding Is An Advantage In Marketing

There are several advantages to roll folding as a marketing technique to draw attention to your products. The most significant benefit is the reduced cost of printing. Because you can have many equal sized portions, you can direct the attention and information flow that is presented to the brochure reader, while only using one piece … Read more

roll fold brochure colors

How to Roll Fold Brochures

Roll folding is a fantastic alternative to the traditional bi-folded brochure. It allows the advertiser to tell a story or process and is one of the most straightforward methods of brochure advertising. A brochure or paper that is ‘roll folded’ consists of four or more panels folded consecutively in equal portions. Begin by folding the … Read more

tri fold brochure small

How To Fold Brochures

Brochure printing is an affordable but effective strategy for both small businesses and big companies alike. Brochures relay product and service information for customers with their separate folded sections, that can present information in an organized manner. Design your brochures with your industry and target customers in mind. Make use of the folds to showcase what your … Read more

french fold brochure

What is a French Fold

A french fold is the combination of a paper or material half-folded in one direction followed by a half-fold perpendicular to the first. Often used in advertising, french folding helps maximize space and gives the appearance that there is more content than actually exists. Having an artistic look that stands out, some restaurants began folding … Read more