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Top Tips on How To Use Flyers to Market Your Business Effectively

Living and marketing in the digital age can make it seem like there’s no point in investing in traditional marketing forms like custom printed flyers. However, those custom flyers are more crucial now than ever before. Why?

For one thing, studies have found that people are more likely to trust printed marketing materials than, say, digital pop-up ads. Plus, it’s becoming increasingly easy to ignore or avoid digital marketing tactics, while print marketing tends to command attention.

If you haven’t relied on print marketing in a while, you may need a refresher. We’re here to help you dust off those tried and true methods and learn how to effectively market your business using custom printed flyers.

Read on for tips, tricks, and steps that will turn your business flyers into a marketing success.

Understand What Your Strategy Is

Before you start thinking about design and distribution, it’s important to come up with a strategy. What is your flyer meant to accomplish? Are you building brand awareness, marketing a specific product, or advertising an upcoming event? Is the flyer redeemable in some way that is beneficial to the recipient?

Building brand awareness is an important and worthy goal. Without knowing about your brand, potential customers don’t become, well, customers. That said, even a general awareness strategy requires a call to action, which we’ll discuss further in this article.

Define Your Target Audience

Another step to take before designing and distributing your custom flyers is to define your target audience. Who would most benefit from receiving your flyer? Whose business are you most likely to secure?

It can help to think in terms of demographics. What kind of demographic categories make up the profile of your ideal customer? Demographics can include:

  • core demographics: gender, race, religion, age, or ethnicity
  • geographic location: local, regional, national, or international
  • status: marital, parental, or wealth
  • interests and niches: hobbies, jobs, or other responsibilities

If you’re not sure how to evaluate your target audience, think about the need or desire your product or service fulfills. Who has that need or desire? Who would most benefit from your business?

Knowing your target audience can make it easier to “speak” directly to them by using the appropriate language or imagery. It can also help you to decide where and how to distribute your flyers.

Create a Well-Branded Design

One of the benefits of distributing custom printed flyers is that even if your specific goal isn’t to raise brand awareness, you’re still going to accomplish exactly that. That is, assuming that you put together a well-branded design.

Always make sure to include your logo somewhere that is easy to spot. When selecting a color scheme for your flyer, pull from your logo as well as other branding materials you already have. This can include things like in-store signage, your website, and your social media posts. 

A well-branded design helps recipients of your flyer to make quick connections. Your branding also sends a message to potential customers about what to expect from your business. Do you want your business to come across as adventurous and playful or serious and professional?

Include a Clear and Strong Call to Action

Even if you’re just hoping to spread awareness about your business, it’s important to include a strong call to action (or CTA) somewhere on your business flyer. For example, your call to action could be to find out more about your business by going to your website or checking out your social media page. It could also be something more specific, like using a discount code included on the flyer or bringing the flyer in to redeem a free gift.

Make sure that your call to action is easy to notice. Consider putting it in a larger font or surrounding it with eye-catching colors or graphics. It’s one of the most important components of your flyer and you want to ensure that recipients notice it even if they don’t take the time to read your entire message.

Keep Your Messaging Simple

Unlike brochures or pamphlets, a flyer isn’t meant to be deeply informative. In other words, flyers aren’t designed to tell someone everything they need to know about a complex topic. Instead, they’re designed to generate quick interest and provide enough information to interest the recipient and move them to action.

Whenever possible, use images instead of words. For example, if you’re letting people know about a new product, consider including the title of the product along with an image of it, rather than a lengthy description. You can also use infographics and other modes of graphic design so that recipients can glean the message quickly and with ease.

Decide on a Strong Flyer Distribution Plan

It’s time to decide on how you want to distribute your flyers. If your goal is to reach the local market or your email list, sending flyers out in the mail is a great option. What if you know who your target demographic is but don’t have their mailing addresses?

In-person distribution is a great solution in these situations. You can hand flyers out near your store or in another high-traffic area, put them out at local businesses, or hang them up around town. The best method usually relies on a combination of mailing and in-person distribution to ensure that as many people as possible get the message.

Find the Right Service for Custom Printed Flyers

The final step, when putting together a marketing plan using custom printed flyers, is to find the right printing services for your needs. At PGprint, we guarantee that we’ll get your design right and deliver flyers that meet all of your expectations.

Want to learn more about how we can help you to put together a strong print marketing campaign? Contact us today.

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