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Four Compelling Ways That Booklet Printing Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re hoping to keep your best employees or entice a new customer, you need to catch their attention. And with 65% of employees looking for new jobs, there’s never been a better time to up your game with internal communication. With the right printed materials, you can keep your employees informed or share what you offer with a potential client.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn about the 4 compelling ways that booklet printing can benefit your business!

1. Gain Quick Outreach with Marketing Booklets

When you invest in booklets for business products or services, you get a portable and informative item that you can hand to anyone. Whether you’re on the street or at a conference, you’ll be able to give someone a booklet that can leave a lasting impression. If you’re short on time, marketing booklets are the simplest way to make sure the conversation continues after you part ways. 

Pack booklets in your briefcase or laptop bag when you’re hitting the road. Or if you’re setting up a display at a tradeshow, bring a box of booklets showcasing the product you’re hoping to sell. Create a few versions of the booklet to tout different services, and create a few size variations. 

Design page spreads that will captivate your audience. But avoid overwhelming them with big blocks of text or fonts that are hard to read. Use bullet points, strong graphics, and high-resolution images to make the biggest impact.

Keep your color scheme and style consistent for a more cohesive booklet, as well. Incorporate your logo and company name as much as possible without seeming heavyhanded. And, of course, include contact information!

2. Promotional Booklets Build Brand Awareness

You won’t be able to create new sources of revenue unless people know who you are. And even if you have the slickest logo and mission statement, none of that matters if the right people aren’t aware. That’s where a booklet becomes your best form of tangible marketing!

Tailor your booklets based on the client or product. For instance, smaller booklets with minimal color might be appropriate at trade shows or outdoor summer events. If you’re encountering hundreds of people, you might not need high-end printing options. 

Are you hoping to seal the deal with a potential client? Turn to heavier paper stock and full-color printing to make the best impression. Durable pages are a mark of quality and will demonstrate that you’re interested in their business.

Use matte pages for a contemporary look, or show off bold images on glossy stock. Use tabs for a simple way to make finding information within your booklet easy. Take a few design risks with your style, too, to help your booklet stand out from the crowd.

Building brand awareness doesn’t have to consume your entire work day, either. You can streamline the process by asking the printing service to mail the books to specific customers for you. That way, you won’t have to pick up an order and handle the mailing component yourself. 

3. Create Internal Booklets for Employees

When you have internal distribution booklets for new employees, you can speed up the onboarding process. Use a booklet to welcome a new employee and offer a snapshot of key stats about the company. You also can publish the mission statement and highlight key leadership personnel.

Print answers to common questions, too, so your employees always will have an accessible resource by their desks. For instance, if there are common points of contact for printing services, HR, or other resources, list the contact info. 

booklet can capture an employee’s responsibilities or chart their connections with other parts of the company, too. Ambitious employees will love learning about other aspects of the company. After all, they may want to pursue internal promotions. 

Include a booklet alongside company swag in an employee’s welcome kit. A crisp, spiral-bound booklet with bold graphics will make a positive first impression. Your employees will appreciate the convenience and the level of professionalism!

4. Save Money with Bulk Booklet Printing

Another one of the benefits of booklet printing is the ability to save money. When you’re ordering hundreds of copies of the same booklet, you won’t need to pay as much as you would for a smaller custom order.

Marketing booklets are a cost-effective solution! You can provide prospective customers with a handheld look at what you offer. 

Best of all, you can customize the size, paper stock, and printing colors. Depending on your choices, you can shave money from the costs if you limit your colors and choose a stapled binding. Map out your booklet needs and use templates to maximize what you can get from each page spread. 

And if you’re looking to assess whether you’re getting a return on the investment, you can do that. Add a call to action that asks booklet readers to visit your website or social media page. To make things even more convenient, add a QR code to one of your booklet’s pages with a direct link to your shop.

Then check your website traffic or social media hits to see if people are following up on the call to action. When you notice more traffic, you’ll know your booklet is generating more visibility. And it might be time to place another booklet order!

Invest in Booklet Printing

Booklet printing offers a convenient way to save money while getting the word out about your company. Turn to booklets to highlight a particular product or venture — and bring them to sales pitches and client meetings. You’ll always be armed with an easy way to build brand awareness or inform employees about policies.

Ready to get started? Contact us and we can help you develop the best booklets!

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