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6 Huge Benefits To Designing And Printing Your Own CD/DVD Sleeves

In an online world that favors streaming services, why would DVDs and CDs still be so incredibly valuable? There’s a good reason why we haven’t – and won’t – see the end of the DVD and CD. While it’s true that you can call up video or audio content online, there’s a lack of permanence that exists with online. Links can disappear or be broken. If you depend on going online for a presentation and the Internet is down, you’ve got big problems. Or we’ve all seen the frustration of video that is “buffering” or freezes unexpectedly.

You get one chance to get it right most of the time. The CD or DVD is your insurance policy on making sure that happens with more under your control versus another source. But that’s not all. You still have to finish the job with a solidly designed and printed CD/DVD sleeve specific to your event to leave a lasting impression.

Here are the biggest reasons why these sleeves mean everything as a companion to the disc itself:

#1: Protecting Your Memories, Media And Data

A bare CD or DVD without at least a basic sleeve to safeguard against scratches, smudges and light exposure is asking for trouble later on. We’re betting the contents are too valuable to take that chance, so don’t. A custom DVD sleeve or CD sleeve will put your mind at ease as it protects the disc from outside elements, enabling you to watch it again and again without worrying if the viewing experience is going to be ruined 20 minutes in due to a scratch.

#2: Brand Identity For Your Band’s Longevity

Local bands simply can’t promote without the ability to sell discs at shows – and if you can’t give yourself a designed jacket, all you’re going to have is a disc that has your band name written on it in marker. That’s not going to fly. Good thing there are several cost-effective options here for design, one of them being custom CD tray card printing. The CD tray card enables your brand to have a great looking album design on the front cover with a track playlist on the back. You don’t need to have just signed to a major label to look like you’re major.

#3: Benefits In Your Virtual Trade Show Attendees’ Hands

What if you’re not going to as many trade shows as a company this year? What then? Virtual trade shows will be a viable option for a number of companies going forward for their cost-effectiveness and logistics. We’ve experienced a virtual environment for a long time due to the pandemic and for some firms, there’s no going back to the old way of doing things. Still, you have to get “out there.” How will you do that at a virtual trade show now? If you’re exhibiting, send the attendees a CD/DVD in advance. Everybody else is going to be blasting emails at these attendees while you’re standing apart from the pack with a physical piece. Plus, by using the real estate of a CD/DVD fold-over sleeve for design purposes, you can transform your CD/DVD into a “mini-brochure” that conveys your services or a QR code that takes them to a website or landing page. Quite an impression to make before you even formally meet each other, wouldn’t you say?

#4: Speaking Engagement Sampler

Speaking on Zoom video is going to be as popular as speaking in-person for some people, if not more so. Which means giving people an idea of the different topics you speak on through a series of short excerpts they can hear or see will be powerful. Pick at least five topics, then list them on a CD/DVD jewel case insert so they can get a quick view of your subjects even before they pop it in for a listen. Using this in complement to getting a speaker sheet printed will help you give the recipient (a chamber, association, networking group) a real sense of your tone in advance of inviting you to speak.

#5: High Class For Your Educational Material

Online courses are exploding in popularity, but it’s not long before the instructor discovers that not every class member can learn at the same pace. Plus, finding the course web address, login and password can cause someone to give up trying to absorb the material altogether. Don’t risk this outcome. Give each of your course attendees a DVD they can keep for following along and catching up without missing a beat. With a well-designed CD/DVD deluxe tab sleeve, you can print the sections of the course on the back of the sleeve, enabling the student to jump to the section where they left off. More students who stay on track mean more satisfied people that share positive word of mouth to prospective new students to take your course. 

#6: Capturing The Event In One DVD Or Blu-Ray

To commemorate a special event or a company overview of the past year to investors, let them re-live and take in the moments again watching in the comfort of their own homes by putting the event on a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. Then give the outer section of the case a captivating cover design, courtesy of our talented design team at PGprint, that our fulfillment team can also pack and distribute. The cover will be trimmed and ready to insert into the case. In other words, one call gets the entire process in motion.

For every possibility that calls for custom CD/DVD case printing at a cost-effective amount, PGprint has a high-quality solution to match. To start working with our design team to develop an unmistakable insert in a variety of full-color, full-bleed options, give us a call at 888.288.7518 today.

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