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5 Essential Steps to Design Great Marketing Postcards

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Postcard design is no easy task. The design itself is the lifeline of your postcard and it can either make-or-break the deal.

A well designed custom postcard will directly address and convert individual prospects or customers—all within the convenience of mass marketing.

Below are 5 essential steps to designing great custom postcards

#1: Grab attention, spark interest, and create action

A postcard is primarily a promotional piece and so it must first be able to pique the viewer’s interest. Make the postcard elements interact with one another to do this effectively.

The graphics are the element most likely to be looked at first. The visuals should effectively spark interest in the audience and direct them to the caption. The caption should then lead the viewer to other parts of the ad and then finally to the offer details. Randomly placed elements will make viewers quickly lose interest, which is why creating flow will lead to viewer action.

Making the elements successfully interact is the trickiest part of the postcard design. Here you must create proper attention-grabbing headlines then make it blend fluidly with the background. Use an appropriate font and then contrast it with shapes and lines while keeping the weight evenly distributed.

Finally, imagine yourself being the viewer and critique your ad from that perspective. Remember that the ad must first sell to you before it can sell to others.

#2: Align the colors to your purpose

Color combinations and themes are crucial in creating the right postcard atmosphere. Bright color combinations like yellow, orange and red are attention grabbers. They are best used to accompany striking messages. Pale color combinations, on the other hand, are useful for formal and elegant designs. Using your company trademark colors also helps in building the company’s reputation.

Proper color schemes give life to the postcard as it stimulates the viewer’s senses. The use of the right color scheme primarily depends on the offer itself. Bright colors are practical for food as they inspire excitement. Cool colors like green are best for health products, blue for water related offers, pink for being feminine, violet for luxury, and black for that exquisite professional look.

Also, watch for proper color shadings. These shadings are not only pleasing to the eyes but also indicate important messages; certain shades of blue infer dependability, shades of green evoke a pleasant outdoor feel, and shades of yellow may elicit life. In design, creativity is your only limit so make sure you try every possible color input.

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3) Maintain the right visual balance

It is a must to keep it clean and simple. An over-designed postcard is not pleasing to the eye and will most likely be left unread. Always design with blank space as your best friend. Keeping it open and direct will catch attention and give viewers that nice friendly feel.

Distribute weight evenly throughout the design using blank spaces. Do not stuff too much content on any single area around the card. Be consistent, stick to your design, and avoid too much detail.

4) Keep the content short

Compelling postcard printing content should be long enough to cover the subject matter yet short enough to keep things interesting.

The content should also have an overall positive tone. Use unique words to describe your offer and point out its benefits. Avoid using too many testimonials as main attraction points as they can assume the “too good to be true” attitude. Only use customer testimonials and positive comments to strengthen your offer’s claims.

Optimize the content layout to blend fluidly with the design and avoid long detailed paragraphs. Aside from the headline, make use of sub-headings and bullet points. Keep the word count per sentence at a minimum. Make the most out of the limited space.

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5) Establish brand identity

The postcard design should successfully define how your product stands out from the competition. Instead of dryly stating its features, focus on your offer’s advantages, and give the audience that superior feeling. After viewing the ad, the viewer should have a clear concept of the brand’s identity and competency.

Remember that postcard printing is not only a matter of convincing for sales, it is also a means of establishing a positive brand recognition and market presence.

So, keep these 5 essential points in mind when designing your own postcard or for providing feedback if you’ve hired a professional designer. An effective postcard design will make a significant impact in generating brand awareness and sales for your business.

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