Bookmarks For Babysitters, Inspire Reading!

Printable bookmarks are a must have for babysitters.Whether you already have a good sized clientele, or you are just starting out on your babysitting career, having bookmarks handy can say a lot about how seriously you take your job. Unfortunately, reading actual books, you know, the kind with binders and pages you have to turn using your hand while holding the book rather than the tip of your finger on a technical device, is becoming a thing of the past. Babysitters are in a position to make or break a child’s yearn for reading.

As a parent who has had to utilize my fair share of babysitters throughout my children’s lives, the caregivers who stand out the most in my memory brought something extra to the table. By simply adding a little extra attention to detail made all the difference.

Giving a child a book and showing that to care for a book by using a bookmark, personally designed by you, they are gaining both education and empathy. You may think that is a stretch, but reading opens up a whole new world! Having a bookmark for kids to hold their place in new and wonderful places is just a bonus!

Here are a few ideas on how you can use bookmarks for your babysitting business:

  • – Give a special book, write a small passage and mark that page with a bookmark.
  • – Hand them out to parents at your local library.
  • – Place one in gift bags for birthday parties or baby showers.
  • – Drop a handful off at nearby schools.

The great thing about bookmarks designed with you in mind and they show your creativity and with all your contact information available, you can be reached in case of an emergency, be contacted by a potential new client, or just get a call from one of your kids letting you know they care. As always, we are happy to help you with any of your design needs. Contact a specialist today to go over your options.

Downloadable and Printable Bookmarks for Babysitters!

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