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Designing for Booklet Printing

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Print Booklet Design

This is a brief tutorial on print booklets design by booklets printing can be created in InDesign, we show how to set up a multipage document properly for color booklet printing. Our booklet printing services will in conjunction with this video tutorial will provide you with a huge head start on the setup process.

Print Booklet Design -

Christopher Robinson

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Appointment Card Design Video

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Design Appointment Cards

This is a brief tutorial on appointment card design by Appointment card designs can be created in InDesign, we show how you can modify one layout to create a library of alternate ideas for future usage. It can be thought of as creating several InDesign templates for the next appointment card project you design.

Appointment Card Design -

Christopher Robinson

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Designer Resources on the Web

Monday, March 8th, 2010

As a designer working in print media, I am on a constant lookout for good sites to stir my creativity on those days where the layout just doesn’t come together as easily as it should. I ran across a few of these on a list of top ten design sites. I found many of them very useful, but edited the list a bit to match my own preferences and added in some very useful design tools that will be must haves for any Designer. Here we go!

Wausau Paper – digitalspace
Digitalspace is a great blog with lots of good info on Digital Printing and a nice tip section

Kali Ciesemier
Kali is an Illustrator with a very unique style, you have probably seen her work in AirTran’s GO magazine the above link is to her portfolio, nicely done, and here is a link to her Blog

looking for a design intern? have 1-5 years experience and want to be an intern to get some experience?

Lisel Ashlock’s site
This is another great example of a site featuring portfolio blog and she even has a sshop set up through Etsy

Illustration Pages
This is a great blog with many contributors, one of the best all around illustration collaboration sites I have run across.

How magazine
This counts as more than one, there are several blogs at How’s site that are worth following so check them all out!

Have a printed sample of a font but have no idea what it is? This great tool will guide you through a step by step identification process that is very accurate.

What The Font
This is another favorite font identity site, you need a scanner for this one. First you upload a printed sample and it comes back with an answer very quickly if it can figure it out.

I’ll wrap this up with a few sites that go int color theory and meaning as a refresher for those of us that have been out of school for a while!
Color Matters This site is basic and hits all the individual pieces of the color puzzle.
Color Meaning A link to color meaning on

Christopher Robinson
I hope these links are able to inspire or assist in your next design project, and when its done come check out our pricing at

Winterhouse Writing Award of $10,000! Call for entries now open.

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

A program of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), The Winterhouse Writing Awards recognize excellence in writing about design. They have two types of awards for submitted writings, The Writing Award of $10,000 and the Education Award of $1,000

As it states on the website “The awards will be given for writing that demonstrates the greatest evidence of eloquence, analysis, perspective, insight and original thinking to further a public understanding of design in contemporary culture. Writing that advances the visual expression of a design program, argument or thesis is also eligible. Entries may address any design discipline or form, including, but not limited to: architectural, environmental, fashion, graphic, industrial, information, interactive, product and strategic.” For more information see the AIGA website

Christopher Robinson
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InDesign, the amazing eyedropper tool

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

The eye dropper tool in InDesign is not your Father’s (or Mother’s) digital eyedropper. Back in the days of Photoshop 2.5 and one undo (yes… 1) the eyedropper was a pretty simple tool, it sampled color… period. These days the eyedropper does SO much more. Double click on the tool to see the attributes it will collect. To see the power of this sample some formatted text in your document and the cursor will change as if it filled up, now use that to highlight some unformatted text…  ta-daa! Really handy when replacing copy in a file with no style sheets. Video tutorial to follow. This tool is one of the most handy items in the digital toolbox when working on larger documents or even when copying styles from another file.  Enjoy!

Christopher Robinson
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Free Photoshop Brushes

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The site “” [link] has quite a few very handy photoshop brush sets I use in my design work. I think you will find the site has quite a bit to offer and at a very good price! FREE! They also have a few simple tutorials showing how to create and define brushes and how to install brush sets you may download.

Christopher Robinson