Printable Flyers for Babysitters

If your only means of advertising your services as a babysitter are either a resume or word of mouth, you need to take a few moments of your time to read about how creating and distributing flyers can open up more babysitting opportunities.

  • – Flyers are a more colorful resume! Instead of your credentials in black and white, a potential client will see not only the services you have to offer, references, contact information, or whatever you think would help you stand out best; they will also see more personality.
  • – There are limitless ways to have your flyers stand out. Put them under wipers on the cars at the supermarket, pin them on street light posts at every corner, leave a few at current clients home so they can give them to the friend that ask who is taking such good care of the kids.
  • – Pin them on wanted boards through your neighborhood.
  • – Use the template you create with the help of one of our professional designers and advertise on your social network wall.

The only thing you stand to lose by having flyers handy as a great way to advertise your services is potential future clients and more importantly, money!
Give us a call today to go over the wide variety of designs and templates available and have your babysitting clientele increased in no time!

Downloadable and Printable Flyers for Babysitters!

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