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Poster Design Tutorials

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Poster Design using Adobe Photoshop

Poster Design can be the most exciting type of design in a graphic designers arsenal of tools. Posters are also the most fun to produce. A single page, usually large scale, containing all the information necessary to promote, inform, educate and/or entertain the viewer. From gig posters to special event posters you can find a variety of great tutorials online.

The main issue with posters is to make sure they don’t overwhelm the viewer with information. A simple “what, where, when” will usually do. If more than that is needed design an ancillary piece such as a flyer that can be carried away. Put a small copy of the poster on one side and your other information on the other. If your design is strong enough people that may not have been interested in the event may take a flyer to the office or home and hang it on the wall providing you with more free advertising for your event.

Enjoy thes few poster/art tutorials below and search for more for further inspiration!

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Appointment Card Design Video

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Design Appointment Cards

This is a brief tutorial on appointment card design by Appointment card designs can be created in InDesign, we show how you can modify one layout to create a library of alternate ideas for future usage. It can be thought of as creating several InDesign templates for the next appointment card project you design.

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Christopher Robinson

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InDesign Video Tutorials

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

As I begin to traverse this long path of making InDesign help videos I realize that first I should look at what has been made already by Adobe itself, They do such a good job at providing basic assistance. Adobe has produced quite a few online tutorials that most may not be aware of. Adobe’s video tutorials

This resource is truly a great place to start, I will be reviewing and creating our own tutorials to cover spots I think may need to be revisited, rehashed or that may not be covered in this list. PG Print video tutorials will also cover unique tips and tricks used by experienced designers and production experts that you may not find available on the web.

Don’t forget to come back often, as we plan on having new video tutorials posted as often as possible usually one or two a week in different software packages.

Christopher Robinson
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