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Shipwrecks Discovered in Baltic Sea

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Wheel of an 18th or 19th century sailing ship in the Baltic Sea - photo credit Nord Stream/AP

I love to post up the occasional link to an interesting subject/article I run across. I found this particular tidbit and it reminded me of how little we actually know about what lay under the glassy surface of the oceans of our world.

In Stockholm, Sweden, the Nord Stream consortium was in the process of building a 750 mile pipeline in the Baltic Sea. During the search of the seabed they discovered 12 wrecks in a 30 mile long 1.2 mile wide corridor. Some of the wrecks are said to be in a very well preserved state and fully intact. 3 of these intact ships are lying on the ocean floor at a depth of 430 feet, and are considered to be of high historical value. Luckily the Baltic Sea is one of the places on our planet that does not contain the ship worm that destroys wooden wrecks in saltier oceans. It is a rare find indeed.

On a side note the consortium also stated they found scores of other objects as well including 80 sea mines and a washing machine, ok…
For more on this check out the full AP story on Fox News website [here]

Christopher Robinson
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