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Poster Design Tutorials

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Poster Design using Adobe Photoshop

Poster Design can be the most exciting type of design in a graphic designers arsenal of tools. Posters are also the most fun to produce. A single page, usually large scale, containing all the information necessary to promote, inform, educate and/or entertain the viewer. From gig posters to special event posters you can find a variety of great tutorials online.

The main issue with posters is to make sure they don’t overwhelm the viewer with information. A simple “what, where, when” will usually do. If more than that is needed design an ancillary piece such as a flyer that can be carried away. Put a small copy of the poster on one side and your other information on the other. If your design is strong enough people that may not have been interested in the event may take a flyer to the office or home and hang it on the wall providing you with more free advertising for your event.

Enjoy thes few poster/art tutorials below and search for more for further inspiration!

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Christopher Robinson

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Free Photoshop Brushes

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The site “” [link] has quite a few very handy photoshop brush sets I use in my design work. I think you will find the site has quite a bit to offer and at a very good price! FREE! They also have a few simple tutorials showing how to create and define brushes and how to install brush sets you may download.

Christopher Robinson