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Online Printing Services: A Design and Printability Guide

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

While online printing services have greatly simplified the process of producing marketing materials, companies still need to take note of important elements to ensure the printability of their design. Ensuring printability allows them to have their materials produced at the soonest time possible, and make the most out of the printing services.

There are three elements that directly affect the printability of a design:

Typography.  Proper typography not just ensures readability, but also plays a part in capturing the attention of readers. Readability results from the dynamic interaction of typefaces, size, text alignment, tracking, and other text properties. It’s also always a good idea to keep things simple by avoiding clutter in order to best convey your message.

Color scheme.   One of the basic rules of color selection for printed materials is to choose the company colors to provide familiarity to their readers. Another option is to choose colors according to the mood you wish to convey. For example, red is an excellent choice for expressing passion and energy. Regardless of color scheme you have chosen, it is important that colors will blend well together and not strain the eyes once printed.

Layout.   The layout will depend on your intended final output. What can be laid out in a flyer may turn out differently when printed on a poster. This is why it’s always best to have a specific layout for each type of printed material. Companies working with online printing services also need to include specifications regarding trim marks, trimmed page size, bleed, and margins to make sure the print comes out as they intended.

Some printers offer the services of professional designers to make sure all the bases are covered. Enlisting a printing company that also offers design services can help companies accurately and quickly bring their visions to life.