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Online Printing Services: A Design and Printability Guide

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

While online printing services have greatly simplified the process of producing marketing materials, companies still need to take note of important elements to ensure the printability of their design. Ensuring printability allows them to have their materials produced at the soonest time possible, and make the most out of the printing services.

There are three elements that directly affect the printability of a design:

Typography.  Proper typography not just ensures readability, but also plays a part in capturing the attention of readers. Readability results from the dynamic interaction of typefaces, size, text alignment, tracking, and other text properties. It’s also always a good idea to keep things simple by avoiding clutter in order to best convey your message.

Color scheme.   One of the basic rules of color selection for printed materials is to choose the company colors to provide familiarity to their readers. Another option is to choose colors according to the mood you wish to convey. For example, red is an excellent choice for expressing passion and energy. Regardless of color scheme you have chosen, it is important that colors will blend well together and not strain the eyes once printed.

Layout.   The layout will depend on your intended final output. What can be laid out in a flyer may turn out differently when printed on a poster. This is why it’s always best to have a specific layout for each type of printed material. Companies working with online printing services also need to include specifications regarding trim marks, trimmed page size, bleed, and margins to make sure the print comes out as they intended.

Some printers offer the services of professional designers to make sure all the bases are covered. Enlisting a printing company that also offers design services can help companies accurately and quickly bring their visions to life.

High-Quality Poster Printing at PGprint

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

When it comes to actually making money from any type of business one of the factors which cannot be overlooked at any price is the advertising. Regardless of what products you are selling or what types of services you are advertising nobody will even visit you unless you put yourself out there. However, simply putting together a couple of promotional flyers in a couple of minutes will not do. If you are going to be advertising yourself and reaching to your audience the best way to go about it is printing posters that advertise your business.

Why would one consider poster printing instead of using other forms of advertisement? Well for starters, when you are going to be designing a poster you can actually customize it down to the last detail, all the way from the color choices to the paper type used. This is basically your chance to set yourself apart from the competition by making something unique, something of your own; you will gain a certain identity in the eyes of your potential customers. Also, it should be noted that people are more likely to pay attention to larger images rather than smaller ones, meaning that posters are more likely to grab people’s attention when compared to the other options available.

When you have decided on the details and characteristics of the poster you want to print, it is time to decide who you are going to turn to, unless of course you have your own printing shop. While there are a lot of companies out there who undoubtedly offer a valuable service, one of the most outstanding ones in the past few years turned out to be PGprint. They can be basically described as an online printing shop that specializes in all types of commercial printing, from small flyers to posters.

The reason this company has garnered a positive reputation for itself is their pricing. Due to the fact the services are offered online instead of a land-based shop and that a large part of the process has been automated PGprint can offer prices that are lower than 99.9% of the competition. It’s basically a company that has for purpose to allow smaller companies with lesser funds to properly market their products and services. All you need to do is simply have your design of choice drawn and then uploaded as a picture on your computer. All you need to do then is simply send them the picture, after which you select the various customization options pertaining to poster printing, such as the dimensions, proportions, and type of material used.

All in all, posters are an extremely versatile way for people to advertise themselves seeing as how you can customize every single detail; you can finally make it the way you actually visualize it in your dreams. The best part is that PGprint, an online printing company that specializes in a variety of different services including poster printing can get the job done for you for a price lower than anywhere else.

Using an Online Printing Company to Save Time and Money in Your Small Business

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Many small businesses have numerous needs for printing services, but the time to lay out a design for a brochure, menu, or marketing flyers for example, becomes a time consuming chore since you also have to go to a printing shop and arrange for the work to be done. Don’t forget, you’ll still need the time to go back and pick it up once complete. Out of habit or association, sometimes people just don’t think of using an online printing company.

Another problem with such tasks is that small business owners generally have to be involved in the process one way or another, because hands-on owners normally need to approve these as one-off projects. There is rarely a template or standard framework in a local sized business from which to work, so errors can find their way into printing jobs without proper supervision.

The best way to cut down on the time involved in printing projects is to use an online printing company. You basically do everything you would the same with an over-the-counter service, except you are using your web browser to design your layout, choose stock, upload your logo and add textual content. Whatever a brick and mortar printer can do, an online printing company can do as well. is a large commercial printing company and as a result, has the latest equipment and technology in the printing industry. In fact, a lot of local printers use online services when their equipment is insufficient. This is also the reason that PGPrint will be able to give you the best printing deal possible.

Does it take longer to use an online printing company?

Let’s compare. You or your staff do a mock-up on your computer using something like Microsoft word. That’s fine too, except that it goes back and forth between a couple people and then back to you for approval. HmmmÖ can anybody count a half day of work gone? Somebody then has to go to the printer, which will be at least an hour – if everything is done right and the proper file formats are brought to the store. The “printer” is actually a part time student who takes your file and says “okay, that will cost this much and should be ready by tomorrow”. Fine then.

The next day the order is ready, but nobody from your office remembers to go pick it up. That was a Friday. On Monday somebody takes an hour away from the office to go pick up the order. Back in the office everyone thinks it looks fine, save for a couple minor spelling errors.

Here is how it works at our online printing company,

1. From your office desk, you choose what kind of printing task you want to order and navigate to the design software. You can upload a PDF, word or image file you’ve already designed, or use one of our convenient templates and start designing the brochure within our software.

2. When you’ve got something ready you call the boss over to have a look. “Looks great” she says, “but maybe we can make the the word SALE look a little bigger”. You adjust it, and then you simply proof the document online.

3. Now you choose the paper stock and how many brochures you want. Enter credit card and delivery information. Done.

Your order is sent out the next day right from our online printing company distribution center, and nobody has to leave your office to go pick it up. No lost time on the road, no mistakes, and the print is delivered to your door faster than a local printer would have gotten it there. Also, if you do have any difficulties with your design or some other features of our software, just give us a call and we’ll help you through it. No travel necessary.

Premier Online Printing Services

Friday, August 26th, 2011

At PGprint, we aim to help you get a step ahead of the competition through our professional and affordable online printing services. Through creative advertising, you can easily set yourself apart and draw in your clientele.

As an online printing company with nearly 30 years of experience in business printing, we can design and print a wide range of marketing materials for all our customers. We also offer wholesale printing services to suit your larger needs.

We can print a variety of marketing materials, including booklets, brochures, flyers, letterheads, pocket folders, and posters. We ensure that our prints are not just affordable, but also correct and on time.

With the help of the Internet and the latest technology, we are able to provide a web-to-print storefront, ensuring that our online printing services grant you speed and efficiency. When you need an online printing company that provides value for your money, trust PGprint.