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Apple’s Updated iTouch

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Video calling and much more comes to the iTouch!

And some said… “but it’s not even a phone…” Apple’s “Face Time” does not work over your phone line but rather over the data link, that’s the reason they (iPhone and iTouch) require WiFi. Apple has also updated the camera to the HD model with built in editing capabilities. The iTouch also cameras on both sides of the phone as well (required for Face Time). The new screen of iPod touch is some serious technology. Apple engineers packed four times the number of pixels into the same size screen as earlier iPod touch models.  326 pixels per inch will make graphics and text look smooth and sweet at any size. These new features make the iPod touch an amazing piece of technology.

The new iPod nano has some great new features as well, upgraded specs. The new nano is 46 percent smaller, 42 percent lighter, and 100 percent  Multi-Touch! 1.5-inch color display with 240-by-240 pixel resolution and uses the same standard connector as the larger models and the iphone. I’m not sure how well multi touch will work on such a small screen if you have large fingers but we shall see about the real world tests as the product flys off the shelves.

images via Apple Computer

Christopher Robinson

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