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Clients From Hell Blog

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

A Blog to make any Designer Laugh

Trying to come up with something new for you designers out there every week can be challenging with the plethora of sites already spamming the web. Todays post will take you on a different path, the path you need most as a designer when the only response you can get from your client is “I just don’t like it” or “It’s too plain”.  So when you have that deadline looming over your head and absolutely no feedback on direction for your design, take a five minute break and browse the “Clients from Hell” Blog for a quick laugh and to realize… It could be worse!

Here is an example, enjoy:

Me: “Okay, so here are some rough concepts I’ve worked up. Once you’ve -“

Client (interrupting): “What the hell am I looking at? These look like scribbles my five-year-old could do.”

Me: “Oh, they’re just roughs to get the concept figured out, once we have that done I’ll begin work on the finished piece.”

Client: “How am I supposed to decide which illustration I like if I can’t see them all finished. Finish them and then I’ll decide which one to use.”

Me: “Well, I can certainly do that, but just so you’re aware, I will have to raise my fees to cover the cost of bringing each of these concepts to a finish.”

Client: “Who do you think you are to make demands?! I’m the client, I get to make the demands! It’s not like this is a real job anyway, all you’re doing is drawing.”

I hope you enjoy the laugh! …and when you finally finish that design from the Client from Hell make sure you bring it back here to us for printing!
Christopher Robinson