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Illustrator Tutorial on Recoloring Artwork

Friday, September 24th, 2010

A Short Tutorial on Illustrator’s Recolor Artwork Function

Today, a short Illustrator tutorial on the recolor artwork feature. First take an image and run Object Menu > Live trace to convert yout low res image to vector artwork. Next set is to expand your traced file and then go to the Edit Menu > Edit colors > recolor artwork. In the window that pops up go to the color slider at the bottom and change the color you want to base your new art off of, I picked a brown color.

Next click on the pop down menu at the top of the same window and select your “Harmony Rule” I chose “shades” for this example.

The software then applies the new color scheme and shows a list of what original color is converting to what color in the new scheme.

One fun thing to try as seem below is the random color button, it basically takes the colors in your new palette and applies them randomly to the art.

Finally once you have your colors the way you want them click the “OK” button!

add any type or other elements and presto, you have created a nice scaleable vector poster/flyer/art!

Once you finish your artwork and are ready to print it, drop by our online printing site and sign up!

Christopher Robinson

Making Grunge Effects – Type

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

How to Make Grunge Type Effects

Today’s blog is a quickie on how to add grunge effects to type easily. First you will need some grungy images, best place to find these is on the web or take them yourself. Make sure before you use an image from the web that the owner/photographer has released rights for personal/commercial use and reproduction (see blog on copyright!) I found some images at Desizn Tech that are free for personal and commercial use, it is also a good reference site for for web designers, techs and anyone with an interest in design in general, back to the topic at hand…

Once you have an image in hand, make sure it has good contrast in the image for the area you want to pull out for your “grunge”. I adjusted the contrast a little in photoshop in the image I picked (from Desizn Tech) before placing it in Adobe Illustrator. Once in Illustrator I ran live trace and adjusted my options to pull out the dark areas. I set it to blakc and white and then ungrouped and removed the white areas leaving me just the black shown below.

Once I had the grunge for my image (see above) I turned the black to magenta so I could see the type and the image areas and overlap clearly (below).

At this point I selected the type, converted it to outlines, colored the grunge art white again and used the pathfinder divide tool to subtract the grunge from the type I then selected all the white areas using “select same fill color” and deleted the white parts. You can see the remainder (below) with points highlighted.

At this point you are done and have your grunge artwork ready to go, click on the image below to see a more blown up version. You can also have a two-tone look by putting another copy of the type artwork without the grunge effect to fill in the white areas with another color.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, and when you are done with that “grunge” poster bring it on over and have us print it for you here at!

Christopher Robinson