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One Million iPad Sales in Less than a Month

iPad sales over 1 million!

Apple has outdone itself with 1,000,000 iPad Sales in 28 days.

Steve Jobs may have been correct, people seem to have takes the “magical” slate to heart. Apple has sold its 1,000,000th iPad as of last friday beating the original iPhone sales time to the same mark by 46 days. Yes, it took the original iPhone 74 days to reach the 1,000,000 sold mark. Sales have been so well that they are struggling to keep up with demand. So many people really thought it would be a flop, why? I am not sure… Seems to me the iPad has a specific market and Job’s did an awesome job sliding it into that market. I can’t wait until the magazines I currently read are available at the iBook store, or through digital subscription of some sort, I might just bite the bullet and get one myself!

Over 1.5 million eBooks have been purchased from the iBookstore  as well as 12 million apps through Apples App Store. Huge numbers for a “flop”, wouldn’t you agree?  Time will tell how this little device might change the way we live, I think it will be a change for the better. Not only Greener by eliminating paper used printing magazines, but also think of the waste in printing and then trashing same said magazines and the carbon used to print, ship and recycle at a later date.

Christopher Robinson


One Response to “One Million iPad Sales in Less than a Month”

  1. ipads says:

    I just ordered my iPad this week, I a eagerly awaiting its arival