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3-D Printer Becomes a Reality

Italian Inventor Enrico Dini creates a way to “print” buildings.

D-Shape’s Huge 3-d printer is amazing technology that allows one to use a inkjet type print head to bind “sand” together. It isn’t quite that simple but you get the idea! The “print head” actually sprays an inorganic binding glue onto a bed of sand and builds the image from the bottom up. Mashable reports that the inventor is currently in talks with the european space agency discussing a future version that would be able to use lunar dust to build structures on the moon… Calling Moonbase Alpha!

D-Shape truly could change the face of the building industry. It has the ability to construct a building four times as fast at half the cost (or less) of traditional building methods. The material has a marble like consistency and is strong enough to not require a metal skeleton as most concrete does. Mashable has a good article and links to the videos from D-Shape’s website.

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