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Stephen Colbert shows off his iPad

Ipad hits stores Saturday

With the iPad hitting stores this weekend, I decided a follow-up post would be nice. Apple has confirmed that most best buy stores will have iPads Saturday. The 3G version will still not be released until late April. The WiFi versions will be selling for $499-$699 depending on storage capacity.

The mad rush to create apps for the iPad is on. Th NY Times has a great amount of interesting info in an article on this subject [here]

For my post today I thought I would give you some entertainment iPad Style with an interesting video with Stephen Colbert.  Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Christopher Robinson
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Stephen Gets a Free iPad
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One Response to “Stephen Colbert shows off his iPad”

  1. Eric G. says:

    That is awesome!! He never mentioned how quick and easy it is to clean!