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Robot Sculpture

Art opening robotic sculpture

From a recent Gallery show of Mike's robot sculptures

Robotic Sculptures from Collected Antique Objects

I know an amazing Artist, Mike Rivamonte, that creates Robot Sculptures out of antique “collected objects.” Today I thought I would blog about it and post a few pictures. These Robot sculptures are some of the most interesting creations I have ever seen. Once you know some of the background behind these creations I am always amazed Mike is able to let them go.

Im my artistic endeavors I know letting my art go out the door is like selling children… It rarely happens! Mike’s care and attention to detail in these creatures is beyond compare. I can recall late night discussions of that rare find of a “perfect object” at an out of the way antique store that became part of a robots head, or the time when he was able to procure some vintage electrical wiring from a source out of the country.  Having grown up in Huntsville, Alabama, “The Rocket City”, with the worlds largest space museum in your back yard its hard to not have some influence.  I don’t think I could put it any clearer than Mike himself states it on his own website…

“These sculptures reflect the imagination and influences of my childhood. They are my interpretation of robots and spacemen capable of flight and mischief. Rare and collectible objects from all over are transformed to create expressive unique characters. Each piece is constructed so that they appear as natural and lifelike as possible. I invite the viewer to enjoy their individual personalities and have as much fun observing the pieces as I do creating them.”

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and by all means go and check out his full site with many more pictures HERE
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Christopher Robinson

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