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FIFA World Cup Logo

The evolution of the FIFA World Cup Logo (1930-2014)

While looking for something design related to blog about this morning I ran across a great post on the logo blog that shows logos of all the past World cup events. I found it interesting to review as a designer. One of the few things on our planet that not only changes every year but a new country actually designs the logo. On of the amusing things to consider… how much input or rather design by committee was involved in each? I think it is pretty obvious which ones were designed by committee and in which ones the committee just trusted the designer for his skill set. There is a lot more to logo design than just a pretty picture. Consideration has to be given to usage on shirts, bumper stickers, large and small scale for premium items and much more. A link to the post on “the logo blog” is here

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One Response to “FIFA World Cup Logo”

  1. A good logo is worth a hundred words. That’s how they say. And it’s true, indeed …